Have you ever wondered how you can listen to music on earbuds without any wires? Probably not. That’s okay because we don’t have to give it much thought. We don’t give much thought to how e-scooters work either. So, here we are to talk about the same. The Internet of Things (IoT) is the magic behind the smooth ride on e-scooter. In this blog, we will discuss IoT devices and their importance in e-scooter-sharing app development. 

So, let’s get started with understanding the IoT devices 

What is an IoT device?

What is an IoT device_

IoT, an abbreviation for the Internet of Things, is a smart device connected through a network or the internet. Basically, various devices connect and operate through the network. For example, your fitness watch, Bluetooth speakers, baby monitors, remote car keys, and more. All of these wirelessly connect to other devices through the network. You can use it through the public network or build a personal network. It helps you easily use the device and have better control over it. 

How does an e-scooter work with IoT devices?

How does an e-scooter work with IoT devices_

The e-scooter is a part of micro-mobility transportation for individuals using small and lightweight for transportation. While the industry offered users affordable and flexible traveling alternatives, it faced some problems. The few most common issues electric scooter share companies faced were related to the management and safety of the scooter. Thus, the role of IoT devices becomes pivotal for e-scooter startups. IoT makes it easy to manage, track, and analyze business operations. Therefore, the global IoT solutions for the micro-mobility market are expected to grow at 17.20% CAGR

The IoT devices have now become the pillar for e-scooter sharing app development. The scooter has physical equipment and software to help the admin and the user. The user can easily book and ride the scooter with an electric scooter mobile app. On the other hand, the admin can track and manage the scooters with e-scooter sharing software, like Easy Ride. The equipment on the e-scooter connects with the software and app through the network. 

Many factors and benefits make IoT the most important part of e-scooter-sharing app development. Let’s take a look at how e-scooters work with IoT devices. 

Importance of IoT devices in e-scooter

Importance of IoT devices in e-scooter

The following are the functions of IoT devices in maginifying the impact of e-scooter app development

To lock and unlock the sharing scooter

Locking and unlocking become the most critical issues when you share electric scooters. Having a physical key to access the scooter is tedious and time-consuming. For example, you can’t afford to stand in a queue for 15 mins for the key to ride, which might take only 10 mins. So, an e-scooter sharing app development company uses IoT locks to enable users to lock and unlock their desired bike with an electric scooter mobile app. 

You know what’s even more exciting? You don’t even need the internet to unlock the e-scooter. Yes! You can unlock the e-scooter with Bluetooth if you have low internet connectivity. That’s the magic of IoT for e-scooter sharing. 

Manage and rebalance your fleet with ease

Managing your e-scooters is one of the most tedious tasks for e-scooter startups. It includes keeping track of your fleet on the field, tracking the performance of the scooters, and analyzing the results and data you have collected regarding using scooters. With geofencing with IoT, you can track which areas have high demand and the busy hours of those areas. Thus, you can rebalance the available e-scooters between low and high-demand areas. It helps you get the best ROI on scooters and take advantage of the market in real time. 

Track the performance of the sharing scooter

As an e-scooter startup, you must focus on how well your e-scooters perform. But how would you track the scooter’s performance on the field? With real-time data and IoT connectivity, The scooters have an IoT device that transfers data related to battery usage. Additionally, you can collect data regarding the scooter’s kilometers traveled, location, and more on the software. Therefore, the admin can have live data from the scooter to track usage and performance. 

Analyzing the data, you can identify problem areas and the best e-scooter for your business. By tracking the performance and customer pain points and taking necessary actions, you can become one of the top e-scooter companies. 

Guide the rider of the e-scooter while riding

How often have you lost track on new streets or been confused about directions? Going to a new place on a scooter can become a hassle. So, the IoT device makes riding easier for you. The IoT device connects with the local infrastructure, including a city map, and helps you reach your location. Additionally, the IoT device gives a real-time street guide to help you find the best possible route to reach your destination without getting stuck in traffic or facing a roadblock. 

Furthermore, using IoT devices, you can warn the user about any prohibited or dangerous areas on the go. It will help your users to have a safe and easy ride. 

Control the illegal movement of the sharing scooter

Although we can warn the user in advance, some will likely ignore it. You don’t have any control over their minds. But you have control over the handles and break. So, when there are any illegal movements of the scooter, the IoT device can trigger automatic breaks. The ‘illegal movements’ are unauthorized movements of the scooter as per your company policies or the regional state policies. 

You need to understand the basic protocol and rules for e-scooter traveling in the region you are operating in. It allows you to set the live map to mark prohibited areas and actions, such as speeding, dangerous movements, etc. Therefore, you can trigger IoT devices to stop the e-scooter when such movements occur.

Easy data analysis with data collection

Data analysis is another important task to make your company one of the top e-scooter companies. So, how does IoT help you in data collection? The electric scooter mobile app works on an IoT system to book the scooter, unlock it, and make payments. You can use the usage data to improve your service and understand your customer pool and their most common usage patterns. The IoT in the scooter transfers data regarding the scooter’s KPIs and usage to help you analyze it and generate business insights. 

The e-scooter sharing software, like Easy Ride, has an inbuilt analysis system to allow you to generate insights. It helps you understand your standing in the business and identify areas of improvement. 

Prevent theft or easy recovery for e-scooters

One of the most common issues with e-scooter startup is the theft and abandonment of the scooters. It impacts your profits and customer service. Therefore, IoT allows you to track your fleet live with telematic tracking. With the live location, you can track where your e-scooter is and, in case of theft or abandonment, track it and recover the scooter easily. 

Now you know what is IoT and how important it can be for your e-scooter-sharing company. But how do you install IoT devices in your sharing scooters? You will need assistance from an e-scooter-sharing app development company. That’s where Squillion Tech can help you.

Squillion Tech: A reliable IoT e-scooter-sharing app development

Squillion Tech_ A reliable IoT e-scooter-sharing app development

IoT devices must be integrated with the electric scooter mobile app and software. The integration allows data transfer and establishes a network to connect these devices. For error-free communication, you need quality devices and seamless integration. Squillion Tech is one of the trusted companies for e-scooter sharing app development in the USA. 

Squillion Tech is one of the experienced developers in the e-scooter-sharing app development niche. We have specialized scooter sharing software with a white-label application that is a complete solution for our customers. We also help with IoT integration: finding the right scooter, IoT device integration, and everything in between. 

What makes Squillion Tech the right choice for IoT integration with e-scooter-sharing app development:

  • Experienced in the ride-sharing app development 
  • Team of certified developers for development and IoT integration 
  • Customized solution to fit your needs 
  • Transparent charges and development process 
  • Meticulous quality check for the e-scooter software and app
  • Consistent support from our team 
  • Regular updates on the software and app

So, if you want to empower your scooter-sharing business with IoT integration, we are eager to help you make it possible. Let’s connect to talk and make your business thrive! 


The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most important parts of starting an e-scooter-sharing startup. The IoT helps you enable your users to book the ride, unlock the e-scooter, and pay for their ride from anywhere due to IoT integration. Furthermore, it allows the admin (you) to track the scooter’s location and performance and analyze the performance data to evaluate the business performance. Analyzing the live data collected using IoT can help you rebalance the fleets and understand market trends for your business. IoT can also help you prevent any unauthorized movements with automated triggers. Squillion Tech is a company specializing in e-scooter-sharing app development in the USA. Our team of experts helps you integrate the scooter’s IoT devices with your software and app. So, if you want to manage your e-scooter-sharing startup easily, IoT integration is a must!