Do you want to kickstart your e scooter startup in 2024? We are here to help you narrow down your list of responsibilities by providing a list of the top 10 e-scooter sharing app development companies in USA to make your dream electric scooter application come to life. After reading this blog, you’ll have a list of companies you can trust, so read till the end. 

Why Do You Need An Electric Scooter Mobile App?

As people learn to go green and tackle traffic, sharing scooter is becoming the new normal. Not only is it an eco-friendly alternative but a pocket-friendly one as well. To save time and fuel more people and companies are switching to share electric scooters. It has become a lucrative market for budding entrepreneurs or experienced ones. The market is projected to be a $3046 revenue industry by 2028.

We have talked about the impact of E-Scooter App Development On Business. As it will help you understand how you can benefit from the app with varying scooter-sharing models. Give it a read to understand how you can improve efficiency and grow your business.

The primary goal of the sharing scooter app is to enable users to ride from anywhere. They should be able to access the scooter from anywhere and ride to their destination. Therefore one needs an electric scooter application to access, ride, and drop the scooter. An e-scooter sharing app development company helps you build your application hassle-free. Following is the list of top e scooter companies to build your app.

10 companies for e-scooter sharing app development in USA 

Squillion Technology 

Squillion Tech is among the top e scooter companies to build your app being experts in the sector. They deal with creating software for sharing scooter, bikes & cars, and logistics management. The automotive industry is their strong niche. They provide other services like Mobile App Development, IoT development, Power BI Consulting, and more. They have a team of experts specializing in 35+ technologies. The industry has recognized their talent and skills (including Microsoft Partner) in 3.5 years since their start.

They offer specialized ready-to-use vehicle-sharing software for renting and sharing vehicles. Thus, it is for the startup and business owners who want to make traveling easy. It specializes in understanding unique business needs and curating custom solutions. 

The software offers:

  • Customized app for your users
  • Software to track your operations
  • Live dispute management system
  • Dynamic Pricing Configuration
  • Geofencing for mapping and trip management
  • Advanced storing and analytics of data
  • Easy report formation for tracking performance
  • Revenue management system

Kickstart your business with expert insights to build your scooter sharing software with a custom electric scooter mobile app. This e-scooter sharing app development in USA,particularly, is your perfect choice.

Zimble Code

Zimble Code is a company specializing in mobile app and web development. They are a team of tech experts with great knowledge and experience. Hence, they help businesses create web and app solutions and make innovative ideas come to life. Also, they have worked on creating custom apps for industries like healthcare, fitness, ticket booking, social media, and more.

Notably, they have an electric scooter application for swift user, ride, fare, payment, and dispute management. Their team works together to provide you with a solution to make scooter sharing a quick affair. Furthermore, they offer a user app with an admin panel to assist you manage your operations and provide customer support. You can hire a team specializing in a certain language to fit your needs.

Dev Technosys 

Dev Technosys is a well-recognized mobile and web development solution. They have been in the development industry for 12+ years. Notably, they have worked in creating apps and websites in diverse industries. For example, there are e-commerce, healthcare, service providing, finance, and more.

Dev Technosys has created a custom valet parking solution using real-time map insights. Additionally, they can help you create an e-scooter map to help your user find scooters, ride, pay at their fingertips, and help you form a road map to build your electric scooter mobile app in USA.


Rexsoft is a well-versed IT consulting and development company. They are a team of experienced tech experts uniting to create custom mobile apps. Subsequently, they deal with various services web development, digital marketing, business consulting, and more. Thus, in the past 11 years, they have established themselves as an expert IT outsourcing company.

In particular, they have experience in creating software solutions for logistics and scooter-sharing businesses. Their scooter sharing app includes a user and CRM interface to help you connect with your users. So, you can get your software customized with them and get your business started.

App Inventive

App Inventive is a well-reputed tech company. It has diverse services like developing mobile apps, software, blockchain, and more. In particular, IT consulting and supply chain management are a few of its services. Furthermore, they have worked with globally recognized brands and proved their tech knowledge and proved their skills in 8 years since their start.

Notably, App Inventive is well acquainted with the e-mobility industry and offers micro-mobility e-scooter sharing app development services to its users. Thus, the company can assist you in streamlining the development process to develop your scooter app. So, customize your scooter-sharing app with ease at your fingertips.

Concetto Labs

Concetto is a well-versed app development company with experience in diverse industries. Notably, Healthcare, E-commerce, Finance, Logistics, Education, and Lifestyle. Apart from app development, they offer cloud consulting, blockchain, and many other services. They have a dedicated team of tech experts to offer you services.

Significantly, they have experience in logistics and tracking app development necessary for e-scooter apps. Thus, they help you hire a team of developers to build your custom e-scooter sharing app development in USA. So create your app per your needs with the team of experts at your service.


Techugo is an expert application developer with a diverse portfolio. Because they are a team of developers passionate about creating apps that fit your needs. Particularly, their experience in industries such as healthcare, delivery, booking, service shines best. Recognized by industry and global presence they have the skills to make your project become a reality.

Significantly, they have an e-scooter app development service. It allows you to build an app with a customer and admin interface with diverse features. The features deal with booking, payments, management, and more. So, get your app built with the best technology at your fingertips.

Appicial Applications

Appicial Applications is an app development company specializing in creating clone apps. Also, they help you create your custom application per your needs. They have experience in creating delivery, taxi-sharing, grocery delivery, on-demand apps, and more. Furthermore, they have expertise in healthcare, e-commerce, education, real estate, and hospitality app development. With a team of well-versed developers, they make a good choice for app development.

Notably, they have created logistics and taxi service apps, proving their expertise. With their understanding of the concept of similar apps, you can create a competitive app. Their experience in creating mobile apps will help you build your app with ease.

Emizen Tech

Emizen Tech is a well-established company with industry recognition that has partnered with many industry leaders to enhance their services. Especially, they offer mobile apps, software, websites, and CRM solutions to enhance your operations. Notably, they have worked well in gaming, food, entertainment, education, finance, ticketing, and many other industries.

Specifically, they have experience in the automotive, logistics & Transport industries. These relate to the e-scooter sharing app development. Thus, it enables them to provide you with great insights and services.

Nimble AppGenie

Nimble AppGenie is a globally present mobile app and web development company. With a team of experts in various languages available on hire, they create some stunning apps. Indeed they have experience in industries like healthcare, fintech, logistics, entertainment, education, and more.

Notably, they have created an electric scooter mobile app for sharing. It will help you get a developer who understands your needs. If you need a specialized team of developers, they can provide you with a team.


To put it briefly, sharing scooter is becoming a health and wealth-saving alternative for transportation. Thus, it offers a lucrative offer for entrepreneurs to build their e scooter startup. Before starting this business in the USA you need an electric scooter application. The software with a custom app allows you to reach your customers and manage operations easily. Hence, we created a list of developers for e-scooter sharing app development in USA. If you are new to the industry, companies with extensive experience in e-scooter or ride sharing app development, like Squillion Tech, Zimble Code, Rexsoft, Techugo, or Nimble AppGenie, will be helpful. But, if you know what you need, you can select other app developers like Dev Technosys, App Inventive, Concetto, Appicial Applications, and Emizen Tech.