Do you want to start a scooter sharing company? You’ll need to do many things; however, one is the founding pillar of your business. It is a scooter sharing software. So, what does a scooter software do and how is it important for your business? In this blog, we will discuss everything scooter sharing software: use, features, benefits, and cost. Read this article to know more. 

What is scooter sharing software? 

What Are scooter sharing software

A scooter sharing software is software designed for rental scooter customer service providers. It combines scooter software for operation management and a scooter sharing app for customers. Therefore, it is a complete package for fleet management, customer management, analytics, and report generation. 

So, the scooter sharing companies list their available scooters in the system. The scooter sharing app is for the users to create a profile and find the nearby available scooters. Additionally, the software consists of diverse panels relating to business operations. By adopting the scooter software you can automate many of your operations and get useful insights. Therefore, you can streamline your procedure and make better business decisions. 

The scooter software and scooter sharing app could be used:

  • To enable customers to create a profile 
  • To empower customers with diverse payment modes
  • To list the scooter for customers to rent 
  • To track the scooters for management 
  • To facilitate customers with live map
  • To charge as per your business plan 
  • To provide live customer support 
  • To help you make data-backed decisions

Features of scooter sharing software

Features of scooter sharing software

The following features of a scooter sharing software to streamline your operations. 

User-engaging customized app 

The scooter sharing app is one of the most important parts of the software. It simplifies the process of finding and booking e scooters for the users. It allows them to create a profile and manage it. With the app, users can find a nearby scooter, book it, unlock it, ride it, and pay for the ride. Additionally, the app becomes a part of your marketing tool. It is a representation of your brand image and also helps you promote any offers or discounts. So, it bridges you with your customers to provide service. 

Listing e scooters for renting 

The scooter software has an inventory management panel to list and manage your inventory of scooters. The listing of scooters is helpful for customers to find the available scooters near them. Therefore, it is crucial to manage the listing precisely to avoid any hassle of double booking and more. The software can help you list all scooters and show the available ones to the users. 

In many E scooter software like our Easy Ride, you can adopt a dynamic pricing algorithm. The dynamic pricing of the scooter benefits you in getting the best of demand. So, to gain profit from the surged demand you can use dynamic pricing that changes with customer demand for scooters. 

Integration of IoT devices and third-party API

The scooter sharing business relies heavily on IoT devices and third-party app integrations. The IoT devices enhances the services and features of the scooter rental business. It empowers geofencing, telematic tracking, live status of the e scooter KPIs, and more. The third-party integrations connect with other sites and apps for payment, GPS tracking, and more. So, these two are the powerhouse to keep your scooter sharing business running. 

Geofencing for live maps and alerts 

Gone are the days when we had to stop every other road turn to ask for directions. With advancing technology, we rely on digital maps and their live directions. So, geofencing allows you to provide the user with live maps. With IoT integration, the user can get directions from the scooter speakers and their phone. Additionally, you can market areas for traveling and prohibited areas, and also track any unauthorized movement. You can alert the rider when they enter a dangerous or prohibited areas. 

On-hand analytics & reporting 

We all know how real the struggle of generating a report can be. So, a scooter sharing software allows you to generate any reports from the data it stores automatically. The report includes information such as your scooter’s average mileage performance customer behavior and more. So, with a few clicks, you can gauge the overall performance of your business and also create custom reports easily. 

Live customer support 

Customer support is the building block of any business, especially in scooter sharing business. The software and scooter sharing app provide a customer support panel and section. It allows the customer to connect with you directly when an issue arises. 

Benefits of scooter sharing software 

Now that we know the basic features of the scooter sharing software, let’s know some benefits of using the scooter rental software. 

Build your brand image with a custom app 

As mentioned earlier, the software includes a white-label scooter sharing app for the users. You can use your brand’s name, logo, and color theme in the user app. So, it will help you establish and boost your brand image. The app helps you promote your promotional activities like offers, bonus points, and more. Most importantly, it helps you build trust with your customers. 

Provide reliable customer support 

Customer support can make or break your business. Therefore, a scooter sharing software plays a vital role here. With the customer support panel, you can connect with your customers to provide them with assistance in real time. So, the software helps you provide basic support to sending assistance staff in scooter breakdowns or other issues. 

Create custom database

The software creates a database with all the information collected. For example, the data regarding common customer support queries can help you improve your service. Similarly, there is a range of data relating to inventory, business performance based on location, scooter KPI performance, and more. Overall, it allows to you have data relating to the performance of your business in the market. It helps you make better decisions. 

Easy tracking for fleet management 

The software integrates with various IoT devices and third-party APIs. Thus, tracking your fleets becomes easier. You can track the charging of the scooter, schedule regular maintenance, the location of any scooter, and more. It allows you to provide the best quality scooters to your customers and avoid theft. 

Cost of scooter sharing software

Okay, so there are many features with even more benefits. But, how much does the scooter sharing software cost? Well, that depends on a few things. Firstly, it depends on whether you are building the software from scratch with e-scooter sharing app development or subscribing to ready-to-use software. Ready-to-use software with customizable apps will cost you significantly less. Additionally, you must consider things like the customization in the software, IoT devices and third-party integration costs, service charges, and more. 

Easy Ride: A scooter rental software & app

Squillion Tech has developed an all-in-one scooter sharing software: Easy Ride. It is ready-to-use software for you to subscribe and kickstart your The software comes with admin software and a user app. The admin software has many panels for fleet management, customer management, operation management, and more. The scooter sharing app for users allows users to make accounts, find and book scooters, access live maps, track their usage, make payments, and more. 

Following are a few features of our Scooter Sharing Software:

  • Software customization as per your needs 
  • Dynamic pricing algo for best prices 
  • On-app customer verification for users 
  • Easy business expansion with IoT integration
  • Easyride booking procedure for customer 
  • Diverse payment methods integration 
  • Live customer support with ticket raising system
  • Analytics and reporting to make data-baked decision
  • Telematic tracking for directions and tracking

So, if you want to start your Scooter-Sharing Company, we are eager to help you at each step. We will assist you to implement the software and find the best scooter and IoT device. Let’s gear up your scooter sharing business, let’s have a chat! 


Scooter sharing business has been trending as an affordable and sustainable traveling option. So, if you want to start a profiting scooter sharing business you need software to reach your customers and manage your operations. A ready-to-use scooter software with a customizable scooter sharing app can help you kick-start your business. Our Easy Ride is a robust scooter sharing software with admin software and user application. 

The software allows you to track scooters and inventory, provide live maps and customer support, get analytics and reports, and more. The app allows user to find, unlock, and pay for the ride of their choice. Additionally, IoT integration and third-party API tracking, payment, and maintenance scheduling become easy. We can help you with each of these steps with our all-in-one solution for scooter sharing. Let’s connect and discuss more.