Do you ever find yourself spiraling into data while making important business decisions? Yeah, we understand your struggle and want to help you. You must know the magic of Microsoft Power BI to help you manage your data and get insights. However, you need some Microsoft Power BI consultant services to get the best out of the platform. But, what exactly do you get with Power BI consulting services? That’s what we will learn in this blog.  

What Are Power BI Consulting Services?

What Are Power BI Consulting Services

Microsoft Power BI is a business intelligence tool that equips you with data and insights. Whether you want to see your KPI, make an expansion plan, or any business-related decision the Power BI dashboard and reports play a vital role. The Microsoft Power BI consultant services help you set up your Power BI dashboard, database, report generation system, and more. So, Power BI consulting services create strategies to help you achieve your desired results from Microsoft Power BI. 

Microsoft Power BI has many tools like Azure, data modeling techniques, data analysis expressions (DAX), and many more advanced features. So, hiring someone who understands these can provide the best Power BI consulting services to you. They can customize the basic Power BI dashboard and report generation as per your and your organization’s needs. 

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What Is Included In Microsoft Power BI Consulting Services?

What Is Included In Microsoft Power BI Consulting Services

Following are a few services that you can expect from a Power BI consulting company. 

Detailed orientation for project needs 

First, the Power BI consultant must understand your business and its needs. It is one of the most important steps. The Power BI consultants arrange a meeting with you where they discuss every minute detail relating to your business. From the data sources you have, the object of Power BI consulting, results they want, budget, tools they have, and more. The meeting sets the stage for further work in the Power BI consultation service plan. The meeting could be in the office or remotely anywhere like setting up MS Power BI consulting services in the US from India like we do. 

Customized Power BI consulting plan 

Each business is different and so are its data management needs. The Power BI consulting services company, like Squillion Tech, makes a Power BI consulting service plan that suits your needs and budget. Whether you need a live geo-map for tracking sales, graphs to show future trends, or data integration from various sources we cater to your needs. No matter the size of your organization, there is a Power BI consulting service for everyone. 

Developing a database with data modeling 

Data is the building block of any business and Power BI consulting service plan. The dashboards, geo-maps, and reports depend on a good database. So, the Power BI consulting company helps you integrate diverse data sources to create an all-in-one database for your organization. To make analysis and report generation easy, the consulting company uses data modeling techniques. 

Setting up insightful Power BI dashboard 

Microsoft Power BI dashboard development consulting services are an essential part of the service offered by the Power BI consultant. The interactive dashboard represents your business KPIs in a visually appealing manner. Dashboards are easy to understand and give you a 360-degree view of your business from anywhere. Therefore, the Power BI consulting services create a dashboard by modeling data and scripting. It is such that you and your team can understand and create a few graphs, charts, and reports easily. 

Setup system for Report generation 

The purpose of Power BI consulting services is to make complex data understandable. It also includes easing the process of report generation. The Power BI consulting service provider codes and models the data such that you can easily access the data and generate necessary reports from your desired data. Therefore, you can save time, and energy, and reduce errors in the report. It facilitates the decision-making process. 

Safeguard your sensitive data

Data is sensitive and can make or break your business. Therefore, Microsoft Power BI offers various data government and security tools. With Power BI consulting service you can encrypt your data to safeguard it. Additionally, the Power BI consultant helps you set role-based access control to help you manage who can from where can one access certain data. It provides you with an extra layer of security to safeguard your data and avoid any data theft. So, you can track who and when accessed the data to identify any unauthorized access and take immediate action. 

Training and Support for your team 

The Power BI consulting services include diligent training of your team. Power BI can be a complex tool to generate complex reports. Therefore, your team needs formal training to access and operate Power BI. With training and support, they can access the database and extract necessary data, create a dashboard, and generate necessary reports as and when needed. So, you can save time for quick meetings and make quick decisions. 

Consistent performance optimization 

The Power BI consulting service providers provide regular reports of the KPI performance of their services. It is a crucial step in improving the power BI consulting service and optimizing it to get the best results. It helps you understand if you are getting the value of your money. Monthly reports help you compare the results and gauge the improvements in your business. Therefore, you can decide if your objective of Microsoft Power BI consultant services has been achieved satisfactorily. 

With the above mentioned services there are various benefits of using power bi consulting

Squillion Tech: An Authorized Power BI Consulting Services Company

Squillion Tech_ An Authorized Power BI Consulting Services Company

Do you to get Power BI consulting services hassle-free from trustworthy providers? You are in the right place. Squillion Tech is a Power BI consulting service company with a team of Microsoft-certified Power BI consultants. In a short span, we have built a name for ourselves as one of the best Power BI consulting companies offering services globally. 

Our team has certified tech experts and analysts with industry experience in diverse industries offering Office 365 Powet BI consulting services. Therefore, we offer our customers with personalized Power BI consulting services to boost their business intelligence. We offer our MS Power BI services consulting in the USA, UK, India, and more places around the globe. 

Here is how we provide Power BI consulting services to our clients:

  • Discuss: It all starts with an initial meeting to understand your problems, requirements, and expectations. We will offer a fitting Power BI consulting solution to fit your needs and budget. We can arrange a few more meetings so you can make a decision. So, once you are sure we sign a NDA for data enclosing and securing. 
  • Develop & Design: Our team of tech experts and analysts develop your Power BI  plan and start to design it. From data collection, data modeling, dashboard setup, report generation setup, and more our team handles it without a sweat.  
  • Deploy: Once the Power BI plan is in the final stage deploy the system and make it accessible to your team. 
  • Training & Support: We offer special training to your team to help them understand the workflow of the dashboard and report generation system. We provide consistent support to you as and when you need to tackle unforeseen circumstances. 
  • Track & Optimize: We offer regular updates on the KPI performance of our Power BI consultation services and their results.  Additionally, we update our services to the industry standards and trends to help you stay ahead in the business world. Furthermore, we optimize our plans and provide scalable Power BI consulting services. 

So, if you want to make smart business decisions, include Power BI in your organization. We are here to help you do so with our Power BI consulting services. Let’s get in touch and discuss this further!


Data is one of the most important assets of your business. Understanding data and its trends can make or break it for you. Therefore, business intelligence tools like Power BI become necessary for your business. A Power BI consulting services company provides Power BI consulting services to help you get the best of Power BI. The Power BI consulting services include understanding your business needs, building a Power BI strategy to fit your needs and budget, implementing the strategy with integration, scripting, and more, consistent performance analysis, and more. 

So, you must hire the right Power BI consulting company or consultants to safeguard your data and get ROI. Squillion Tech is a Microsoft Partner firm to offers Microsoft Power BI consulting services. Our team of certified Power BI developers and analysts help you set up the database, dashboard, and report generation system easily. Get on a free consultation call with us to boost your business intelligence.