Do you struggle with data collection, analysis, and presenting insights for your business? Well, you are not alone. While data is the backbone of the business, cleaning and drawing insights is not a walk in the park. However, a power BI consulting company can save your day. In this blog, we have talked about the benefits of Power BI consulting. So, if you are contemplating whether to hire a power BI consulting service, read this article till the end.

Business is successful based on a series of data-based decisions. For instance market trends, sales estimation & target, performance reviews, and many more. Data visualization tools like Microsoft Power BI help you manage and understand data better. Especially, when 65% of the population are visual learners, aka pictures & charts. So, where do Microsoft Power BI consulting services come in the game? Let’s first understand that.

What Is Power BI Consulting?

Microsoft Power BI provides you with a set of business intelligence tools. These tools help you streamline all your necessary data. As a result, you get a 360-degree view of your business. Power BI consulting firms help you create an interactive dashboard. Especially, in extracting necessary data insights to assist you in decision-making.

Using Power BI efficiently is easier said than done. Thus, to get the best ROI in Power BI and use all the features of Power BI, you need expertise. That’s where experienced Power BI data consultants come into the game. Following are the benefits of Power BI consulting.

Benefits Of Power BI Consulting Service

Benefits Of Power BI Consulting Service

Hassle-Free Data Collection & Integration

Imagine entering a room full of piles of files and you need to find a particular one. On the other hand, imagine clicking a few tabs and you have direct access to the desired data. Which one sounds lucrative, time and energy saving? Of course the latter one. Because we are short on time and sometimes need a quick look at data. Microsoft Power BI helps you integrate various data sources or Microsoft tools. As a result, Data collection and cleaning becomes easy.

A Power BI consulting company will help you integrate various data sources into your Power BI dashboard. Thus, you can collect all your business data in one place with ease. As a result, you can extract varying insights and make better decisions with a few clicks.

Efficiently Use The Features Of The Platform 

Microsoft Power BI has diverse features to assist your business and visualize data better. These features require expertise to access it and set it up as per your needs. Therefore, you need an expert tech team to help you get the best of the platform. Power BI consulting company helps you integrate various data sources, streamline data, set up a dashboard, and more. They help you in gathering required data from anywhere on any device.

Custom Interactive Dashboard

Imagine opening a dashboard and you get all the insights of your business. From sales, production, marketing, and many more at your fingertips. That is what the Microsoft Power BI dashboard offers you. A data visualization dashboard connecting various data sources and displayed on charts and graphs. So, your teams can use this data to draft strategies for their department.

Each business is unique and so are their needs. Your dashboard should only show insights of data that matter the most to you. With Power BI consulting company, you can discuss the scope of your business and its needs. Thus, they will help you create a dashboard displaying data that fits your needs.

Expertise In Transforming Data Insights

Data insights and reports can make or break your business. Microsoft Power BI helps you streamline your data analysis with ease. A Power BI data consultant helps you set up the business intelligence tools of the platform for data analysis. So, you can relate data and transform them into valuable insight and create reports. As a result, you can make data-backed decisions. It helps you ensure you get the desired results and take countermeasures when things don’t go as you plan. These insights help you get a real-time view of your business and make better decisions.

Robust Data Security

Data is the most sensitive aspect of your business. Thus, your data must be secured well. The Microsoft Power BI offers Row Level Security (RLS), Object Level Security, Data Masking and more enhancing Power BI Security. As a result, your data is only accessible to the people that you want. In other words, Power BI allows role-based access to data sources and analysis. The Microsoft Power BI consulting service provider ensures that your data is secured. They help you set up the access system and ensure that you have full control over your data.

Increase Scalability For Your Business

As your business grows, your database does as well. Power BI consulting firms ensure that there is no error in data collection and analysis. They help you manage the needs of your dashboard and scale your data and analytics. With the right integrations and setups, they help you streamline your data as you grow.

Provide Training And Support

Handling data and dashboards might be a little tricky. But, that’s where the power bi consulting firms comes to help you. They offer you and your staff the necessary training to access and use the platform. Especially, understanding and using the dashboard and extracting the necessary data insights.

Cost-effective Solution

Power BI is a valuable investment to make your business succeed. The Power BI plan that you opt for will be beneficial for you to create a database, analyze data, and make data-backed decisions. In the long run, the insights and dashboard become invaluable assets for business growth. Therefore, a small investment in hiring a power BI consulting solution will help you get the best ROI.

Microsoft Power BI is a data visualization tool to boost your business intelligence. Because, data is the backbone of your business, and understanding real-time data is crucial. A company providing Microsoft Power BI consulting services will help you set up your Power BI custom dashboard. But, how do you start with finding a trustable Power BI consulting firm? Well, you are at the right place.

Squillion Tech: Microsoft Power BI Consulting Services

Squillion Tech Microsoft Power BI Consulting Services


Squillion Tech is a Power BI consulting company and a recognized Microsoft Partner. We have a team of tech experts with experience in 35+ technology. Therefore, we create a custom Power BI consulting solution for your business. Especially if you are using the platform for the first time.

First, we understand your and your business needs. Following this, we help you create a custom Power BI dashboard that fits your needs. We collect data sources, and necessary third-party tools to seamlessly integrate it to your Power BI account. We ensure role-based access to data to ensure the security of sensitive data. Customer support is our priority, we provide training and support to ensure you get the best results.

Let’s make your business grow with a 360-degree view of your business. Save time and make data-backed decisions with a few clicks. We are here to help you in boosting your business with our Power BI Consulting Service.


Data is the most crucial part of growing your business. It helps you understand competitors, market trends, performance, and more. Understanding these data helps you make better decisions. However, big paragraphs of data and insights are not the easiest to understand. That’s where Microsoft Power BI, a data visualization tool, saves our time and effort. To get the best ROI from the tool you need Power BI consulting. Because the consultants help you integrate the necessary tools and data sources and set up your dashboard. They help you in extracting necessary data and draw valuable insights. Additionally, they ensure the security of your data is up-to-date. Thus, they help you streamline data collection, set up your database, and create plans to scale your business. A trustable Power BI consulting company, like Squllion Tech, will help you build your custom dashboard and provide necessary training and customer support.