Do you want to make a forecast for business? Data is one of the most important things when making such a forecast. Someone who knows how to manage and use this data is equally important. Therefore, if Power BI helps in data analysis to make forecasts, Power BI providers help you manage and visualize that data. So, if you want to use Power BI with its full efficiency, a Power BI service provider will be of great use. Let’s know more about the power of the Power BI service providers. 

Hold on, we know you want to know about the tasks of service providers. But, before that, you need to know when you should use Power BI services and service providers.

What is the Power BI service used for in business?

What is the Power BI service used for in business_

Let’s start by understanding where Power BI is used to understand the needs of Power BI consultants.

To visualize the data on the dashboard 

Microsoft Powe BI is a data visualization tool that allows businesses to visualize their data. Our brain retains more memory and grasps things easier when they are visualized. Therefore, this platform can make understanding and remembering data easier. The data is retrieved from the database on the platform to create a live dashboard. These dashboards can show various KPIs of your business changing with real-time data. 

To generate and share reports

The Power BI platform allows users to generate diverse reports based on available data. Therefore, you can create any report from the desired data set. The report could be shared with different people or departments to read, edit, and check. Thus, it saves time, avoids confusion when discussing a report, and makes a well-informed decision. 

To get updated data in real-time

Power BI service status, dashboard, and advanced datasets reflect live data. The data is collected by integrating various resources in Power BI. Therefore, you get access to real-time data related to your business so that you can make better decisions. It lets you get real-time business KPIs scenarios through the live dashboard. 

To secure the database 

Data is one of the most important assets of a business. So, you must take the necessary measures to ensure the security of your database. Therefore, Power BI is a precious tool to manage your data and database. Power BI allows you to set up role-based or controlled access to data to determine how and when you can access the data. The Power BI service availability notification informs you about any disrupted or disregarded activity in your account. 

Power BI vs Analysis services by Power BI service providers

Power BI vs Analysis services by Power BI service providers

Microsoft Power BI is a free tool for data management. However, you need to pay extra and need a skilled Power BI service provider to get the best platform to analyze your data. Let’s learn the difference between Power BI desktop and Power BI services on an advanced level. 

The basic Power BI platform 

The basic Power BI platform is a free visualization tool. Anyone can access it to perform basic visualization and data integration. So, anyone with basic skills in operating MS Office apps and tech can create a simple data set and visualization board. 

Advanced analysis services 

On the other hand, if you need more advanced visualization dashboards, you’ll need advanced analysis services. With advanced analysis services offered by Power BI service providers, you can create custom databases, complex dashboards, and advanced analytical reports. 

So, now that we know the potential of Microsoft Power BI for your business let’s talk about what you want to read. 

The importance of Power BI providers

In one of our previous blogs, we talked about how to choose the right  Power BI Consultant. We have mentioned a few points here as well to help you understand their importance. Based on these factors you can also decide whether they are suitable to provide the necessary service. So, the following are a few important services Power BI service providers offer: 

Provide expertise with experience

The Power BI service providers have extensive technological and statistical knowledge. Therefore, they can integrate various datasets and create analytical solutions for your business. It helps you generate valuable reports and a 360-degree data visualization dashboard. With their experience, they help you create custom Power BI solutions that fit your needs efficiently. Additionally, an experienced team can help you get the best ROI in Power BI with useful insights for decision-making. 

Provide scalable Power BI solutions 

You are successful when your business grows. However, with the company’s growth comes e growing responsibilities and data. While you must take responsibility, a Power BI service provider will handle the data. A Power BI consultant helps you scale your Power BI solution. They will help you accommodate your data in the Power BI solution and create a better database. 

Provide advanced analysis with Power BI 

Microsoft Power BI premium allows you to create advanced projections. To access those tools and use them you need to have some technical knowledge. Power BI service providers have deep technical and statistical knowledge. Therefore, no matter how complex or critical your needs might be, a Power BI consultant can help you set up advanced projections and datasets for future use. 

Provide consistent performance 

A Power BI service provider ensures that you get the best output from your Power BI account. So, they continuously work on optimizing the solution as you need. Whether it is relating to creating a new dashboard, custom data set, setting up a report generation system, and more they can help you smoothen the operations significantly. 

Provide support and training to staff 

The Power BI service provider can help you set up the system and maintain it. However, the process of generating reports and creating dashboards can become lengthy if you depend on them solely. Thus, they train your staff members to learn the basics of the Power BI to access the system and use it anytime and anywhere. So, when you are looking for a Power BI service provider, ensure that they provide training and consistent support for smooth operations. 

The roles of Power BI service providers 

The following are the most important roles of a Power BI service provider. We have talked about a few benefits of hiring a specialist providing  Microsoft Power BI Consulting Service here. 

Expert consultation to build a personalized Power BI plan 

We all have social media accounts. However, it’s unlikely that we all do the same things or scroll through the same type of content. Similarly, each business can use Power BI but the use can be different. Therefore, the role of the Power BI service provider is to evaluate your business needs: the data structure, custom dashboards, advanced analysis tools, and more. Therefore, they can create a custom Power BI plan that includes all your needs and helps you get the desired results. 

Implementation of Power BI solution 

To make a plan succeed, you need to take definitive action. Thus, a Power BI service provider creates a custom Power BI solution and implements it. The implementation stage might take up the most time. It includes gathering all the necessary data sources to integrate with Power BI to create a data set. Therefore, you can create a data source or data warehouse where all the sales, marketing, financials, and other types of data are stored.

But, what’s the need for creating a data warehouse in Power BI? Well, Power BI is a business intelligence tool providing data visualization tool. Thus, you can get a full view of what’s happening in your business. Whether it’s your country-based sales, production statistics, logistics tracking, and other such business details you can track and analyze all of it with Power BI. 

Thus, a Power BI service provider helps you set up your Power BI database, dashboard, and analytics. For this, they need advanced technical knowledge and time. 

Training the necessary staff to access Power BI 

Once the Power BI setup is complete, they will provide the necessary support and training to you and your team. The training period includes them providing guidance and sessions to your selected team members. They will learn how to access and use advanced tools for dashboard and report generation. Additionally, they can teach them how to integrate basic data sources to make the process easier. 

Provide consistent support 

After the Power BI setup and training are complete, they will still help you maintain the setup and oversee if any problems are causing problems in reports or dashboards. They can give you timely reports on how well the platform is performing. Additionally, in case of any issues with dashboards or reports, they will help you identify the problem and resolve it. Therefore, you can get up-to-date data and insights to make better decisions. 

Optimize the solutions with necessary updates 

To keep up with the market, plans and strategies must be updated. Similarly, with the changing technology and market scenario, the Power BI solution needs to be optimized. So, the Power BI service providers keep an eye out for any technological changes and accommodate your business changes in their solutions. They help optimize the datasets and other features of the platform such that it helps you get the best ROI. 

Squillion Tech: The top Power BI service providers 

Squillion Tech_ The top Power BI service providers

Squillion Tech is one of the rising names in the tech industry providing many tech-related services, including Power BI Consulting Services. We are certified Power BI service providers in the industry. Being a tech company, we understand the importance of data, data security, and the hassle of managing the data. Therefore, our team of Microsoft-certified Power BI developers and analysts help you hone your business intelligence with Power BI consultancy. 

With our Power BI consultation, you can:

  • Manage your data better
  • Build a custom Power BI plan with experts
  • Develop an advanced data warehouse
  • Create interactive dashboard
  • Generate advanced reports for departments
  • Make data-backed decisions
  • Get experts to train your team to use Power BI 
  • Get consistent performance 
  • Optimize the solution as per the trends 
  • Scale your Power BI with the growth of business 

So, do you want to make better decisions by understanding what your data is saying? Take a free demo and make your decision. Power BI consulting helps your business understand your data and take advantage of the trends. We are eager to help you, so book your free meeting now! 


Microsoft Power BI is a business intelligence tool to empower your business with data insights. These insights can help you make data-backed decisions for your business with a live dashboard and up-to-date reports. Therefore, you must invest in such a tool. However, to use Power BI you need some technical and statistical data. That’s where Power BI service providers come into play. 

The Power BI service provider can help you get the best ROI from the platform. They set up the database by combining varying data sources. Thus, you can get a real-time image of what’s happening in your business. They help you generate interactive dashboards, reports, and data insights with their in-depth knowledge of data analysis and the platform. Furthermore, they train your team to operate the platform and use it whenever and wherever. Squillion Tech is one such top Power BI service provider excelling in providing customer solutions that fit your business needs. Our team of experts is at your service to make your business shine and be data-smart! So, book your free meeting now.